Autocanon de 47 Renault mle 1915

The Autocanon de 47 Renault mle 1915 was an armored car produced by Renault during WW1, developed on experience of the fighting on open ground in Artois and Flanders.

Valentine Mk.II Improvised Tank in the Cypriot National Guard

One of the last uses of the venerable Valentine infantry tank was on the island of Cyprus, where one was covered into a mobile bunker.

Type 3 Chi-Nu

The Type 3 Medium Tank Chi-Nu was a medium tank of the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II.

Großkampfwagen / K-Wagen

The K-Wagen was a superheavy tank developed for the German Army in 1917, with the purpose of breaking through the stalemate of trench warfare.

Gruson Fahrbare Panzerlafette / Fahrpanzer

The Fahrpanzer served as a mobile artillery piece that was used in German border fortifications after its introduction in 1890.